Specifying Body Spec. No. Use Class or Grade Min. Tensile psi Min. Yield psi % Elongation Heat Treatment
ASTM A536-84 Maximum shock resistance. Parts to beused at sub- zero temperatures. 60-40-18 60,000 40,000 18 Maybe annealed
Most widely used grade for normal service. 60-45-12 65,000 45,000 12
Suitable for flame and induction hardening. 80-55-06 80,000 55,000 6
Best combination of strength, wear resistance and re- sponse to surface hardening. 100-70-03 100,000 70,000 3 Usually Normalized
Maximum strength and wear resistance. 120-90-02 120,000 90,000 2 Quenched & Tempered
SAE J434c For automotive and industries. BHN of Casting
D-4018 170 Max. May be Annealed
D-4512 156-217
D-5506 187-255
D-7003 241-302 May be Normalized
DQ&T As Specified Quenched & Tempered
ASTM ASME A395-88 SA395 Pressure con- taining parts for use at elevated temperatures. 60-40-18 60,000 40,000 18 Ferritized by annealing.
ASTM ASME A476-82 A476-84(metric) SA476 Ductile iron cast- ings for paper mill dryer rolls for ser- vice temperatures up to 450F (230C) 80-60-03 80,000 60,000 3 To be used in as-cast condition. Brinell hard- ness shall be minimum 201 BHN
U.S.Military MIL-1- 24137-(Ships) amended Navy shipboard and other applica- lions requiring shock resistance. Class A 60,000 40,000 15 Shall be ferritized by annealing to 190 max. BHN.