Mold Production

Our facility is capable of using an existing pattern or producing a pattern using a print or 3D model. We can also reverse engineer an existing part. Tri-Cast Ltd. has the capability of making repeatable wood patterns or single use foam patterns for cost savings. At our foundry, we can take a drawing and make it into a casting in just a few weeks.

About Squeeze Molds: A squeeze mold is a mold manufactured by a squeeze mold machine. It compresses a sand, clay and water mixture together to make a sand mold. The pattern will be separated from the mold to reuse. The two halves of the mold will be put together along with any cores and then staged for pouring.

Iron Chills for Aluminum & Magnesium Foundries

Tri-Cast produces iron chills for aluminum and magnesium foundries. These chills are required to promote solidification and reduce shrinkage during heat transfer. We’re capable of making iron chills in a multitude of shapes and sizes. We offer quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Ni-Resist castings

Ni-Resist is an alloy with sufficient nickel to produce an austenitic structure. The iron is relatively soft and chrome is added to produce carbides that make it wear resistant. These grades are austenitic gray cast iron grades that provide good hardness, dampening, and some corrosion resistance. The Ni-Resist irons are high nickel-alloys used to resist acid, caustic and salt solutions.