At Tri-Cast we’ve produced thousands of customized castings for hundreds of satisfied customers. Applications for our castings include: Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Maritime, Power Generation and Transportaton.

Below are some samples of our work. To get a quote on your specific project please fill out the custom quote form or call us at 330-733-8718.


Pictured below is a Ductile Iron Casting for a valve handle being used on a naval vessel. (Click on any image to enlarge/zoom.)

Power Generation

Pictured below is a gray iron casting for power generation equipment.

Manufacturing Equipment

Pictured below is a gray iron bearing race.

Ash Handling

The casting below is a white iron segment for ash handling equipment that is used in a coal fired power plant.

Brick & Tile

The casting below is a white iron auger used in brick and tile manufacturing.

Commuter Rail

The castings below are ductile iron castings used for mass transit.